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~From the mountains of Colorado to the beaches of Southern California~

In 2000, the lives of Brian Saeger, Michael and Lisa Rogy crossed and a deep friendship began. Through the years they each lived their adventures, but always stayed connected.  Brian, a yogi at heart, founded The Yoga Mat Tie in 2008, as a way to solve the 'unrolling mat' dilemma. More a hobby than a full time business, in 2020 he approached Lisa to take over.  In 2021, Lisa began her journey as the new owner of Yoga Mat Tie.
With the help of her retired husband Michael, as Head of Manufacturing, and furry, four legged Harlow, as Head of Security, Lisa begins to explore the next level for Yoga Mat Tie.  As a new, women owned business, she decided with intention of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate) positioning for the set up of YMT.   
Wondering what Brian is doing now?  Check out

About Us

Inclusivity and Sustainability

Our wood balls, bungee cords, and stain are sourced in the USA.
Our graphic designer, and printer are Minority Owned Businesses.
We use a Veteran Owned business for our mail services.
We are happy to share contact information for any of the above!

Meet The Rogy's

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